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Thank you San Diego for an absolutely INCREDIBLE 12 Year Anniversary party featuring Mexican singer ANA BARBARA live on stage. It was a magical night of entertainment and I was so happy that we PACKED Rich's Nightclub for this historic event.

Stay on the lookout for our next big PAPI San Diego and Tijuana events coming in the Spring.


LECHE FEST 2015 was a HUGE success, and we THANK EVERYONE who came out to party with all the sexxxy papi boyz and porn stars for the most SCANDALOUS party on the planet. All the Hot, Nasty, Filthy action was some of the best MAN on MAN action we have ever had at this event. Stay on the lookout for our Next PAPI TJ event coming later in the spring. More details to follow.

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ANSWER: While the Border Patrol and US Government advise brining a passport to enter back into the USA, they currently for the last 4 years have not been enforcing that provision at all.  Our entire team does not bring or use our Valid Passports to gain re-entry into the USA, choosing instead to use our valid state issued ID'S. We have not had any problems or issues arise from using our State Issued ID'S.  We have not had to pay any fines and we have not been detained or questioned.

On the weekends, many of the people coming back across the border from Mexico into the USA are young people coming down to the vibrant Tijuana nightclub scene.  Many of these young people do not even own valid USA Passports, and they are simply let back into the USA with their Valid State issued ID's.

UPDATED: Several Members of our team went to Tijuana on San Diego Pride weekend and had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS getting back into the USA after clubbing on Saturday, July 13th.  We showed our California Driver's license and were promptly allowed right back in.

ANSWER: NO the club does not have any ATM machines and does NOT take credit cards. ALL transactions for Entry into the club and purchasing any drinks is on a CASH ONLY basis. The nearest ATM is back across the border on the USA side. We suggest you bring plenty of money to the club so you can cover your entrance, tips for dancers, and/or Private Lap Dance's you might want to do with the dancers.

ANSWER: ALL USA citizens with valid ID will be charged to enter the venue and will pay with US DOLLARS. There is no need to exchange money for Mexican Pesos. The cover charge to get into the event is $25 USD and includes OPEN BAR from 9pm - 1am. This OPEN BAR is valid for all Well Drinks and National Domestic Beers.

If you would like to buy PREMIUM brands you may do so and the venue will also accept USD

ANSWER: We recommend to everyone to park on the USA side of the border and then make the quick 5 minute walk across the border to EXTASIS/FUSION NIGHTCLUB. We advise this for several reasons. The most important reason being your valuable time? The lines to drive into Mexico and the to return from Mexico can be very long when driving across. It is much faster to use one of the several parking lots located at the border, park there and then walk into Mexico.

When you enter into Mexico, you will use the entrance that is located on the same side of the street where people returning from Mexico currently use. There is a lot of construction going on at the border, as they are in the process of improving and modernizing the border crossing facilities.

There are clear signs on that side of the street directing you on the path you will need to use to cross into Mexico. Once you are clear of the Mexico border crossing entrance, you will exit out onto street, where you will see a giant walking bridge to your immediate left. Take that bridge and cross over all the cars returning from Mexico into the USA. As you are walking across the bridge, you will see a GIANT MCDONALD'S sign off into the distance, and that is the sign you will want to keep looking to follow.

Once across the bridge, you will enter into a giant plaza which is the central TAXI stand for people who want to take taxi's farther into Tijuana, or simply go downtown. DO NOT TAKE A TAXI. From this point on your journey to our venue, you are only a short 2 minutes from the club. Proceed to walk past the taxi stand down the path to the next street. (you will pass some vendors and two Taco's stands before you get to the Street where the McDonald's is at)

Head towards the McDonalds and keep walking to the end of that block, where there is a Giant pharmacy at the corner. Make a left and the CLUB IS RIGHT THERE about 150 away. There are two entrances for this club. USE THE 2ND ENTRANCE to come to the CLUB PAPI PARTY!! The 1st entrance is for a small Drag Bar the club also operates but that entrance will not get you into the Club Papi event. The 2nd Entrance is about 75 feet away from the 1st entrance, and that is where you will enter for our CLUB PAPI EVENT!!

ANSWER: We advise that you leave your cell phone back in your car at the border if you are parking there. Customers have been known to lose their cell phones while enjoying the dark rooms or private buddy booths, so it is best to keep all valuables safely in your vehicle for your return to USA. We do not suggest bringing Bulky or large wallets into the club, as again, these items tend to get lost as customers are enjoying the amenities the venue has to offer.

ANSWER: NO PICTURES are allowed to be taken at the club. Leave your Camera's at home and do not under any circumstances take pictures of the shows or dancers at this event. Since this party is unlike any other party you will attend, we do not allow photographs to be taken. If we catch you taking pictures of the show, your device will be confiscated by the club and will not be returned until all photo's are deleted.

We make several announcements throughout the night about this policy and will STOP the shows if customers are not adhering to the policy. PLEASE CUM HAVE FUN, AND LEAVE THE CAMERA'S AT HOME!!