PRESENTED BY: Club Papi Productions
VENUE: Richs Nightclub, 1051 University Ave, San Diego California
TIME: 10:00pm – 2:00am
AGE: 21 + with ID
GENERAL ADMISSION: $5 off cover Before 11:00pm w/text * $10 Cover

Come celebrate with club papi at the only OFFICIAL Concert After party for DIOSA DE LA NOCHE featuring GLORIA TREVI AND KAROL G on Sunday November 10 @ Richs Nightclub in San Diego. EVERY Concert After Party we thrown down on this tour has been PACKED, and this event will be no different. Join RPDR Stars Jessica Wild, Cynthia Lee Fontaine & Mexico legendary queen Ricky Lips live at the After party, and fresh off their stunning performance with Gloria at the DIOSA DE LA NOCHE CONCERT! All three of these queens will perform throughout the night on pop numbers for your pleasure, as the Sexy ASF PAPI GO-GO Boys from LA rock the house on two sensational dance floors.

Denver SUPERSTAR Lady DJ Tatiana controls the Main room with doors opening at 10pm! $5.00 off cover w/Text or concert Ticket! Enjoy incredible sound and lights at RICHS NIGHTCLUB!


Join Club Papi for the Latin Concert of the year featuring GLORIA TREVI & KAROL G LIVE!!

Buy your tickets now at the link below and stay in the lookout for future chances to win concert tickets at the official pre concert and after concert party with our partner venue BRASS RAIL.


[accordions] [accordion title=”QUESTION # 1: DO I NEED A PASSPORT TO GO TO OR COME BACK FROM MEXICO INTO THE USA?” visible=”yes”]ANSWER: Currently if you are planning to park on the USA side of the border and walk into Mexico and then over to Extasis Nightclub, you will need to have a USA Passport to enter Mexico. There is NO CHARGE at all to enter Mexico by foot or car, unless you are planning to stay for longer than 7 consecutive days.

If you are entering by automobile into Mexico, you do not need to present a USA Passport. For RE-ENTRY into the USA, the border patrol is currently still accepting State issued ID’s to get back into the country, but we do recommend that if you have a PASSPORT, then bring it to save yourself any potential delays getting back into the USA.

[accordion title=”QUESTION # 2: DOES THE CLUB HAVE ATM’S OR TAKE CREDIT CARDS?”] ANSWER: NO the club does not have any ATM machines and does NOT take credit cards. ALL transactions for Entry into the club and purchasing any drinks is on a CASH ONLY basis. The nearest ATM is back across the border on the USA side. We suggest you bring plenty of money to the club so you can cover your entrance, tips for dancers, and/or Private Lap Dance’s you might want to do with the dancers. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”QUESTION # 3: DO YOU ACCEPT US DOLLARS OR DO I NEED TO GET MEXICAN PESOS?”] ANSWER: ALL USA Nationals entering the club will be required to pay in US DOLLARS. All Mexican Nationals will be required to pay in Mexican Pesos. The Club will accept either pesos or Dollars for purchased drinks at the bar. Remember the Club is CASH ONLY. The venue does not accept Credit/Debit cards at the Door or Bar.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”QUESTION # 4: SHOULD I DRIVE ACROSS OR WALK INTO MEXICO TO ATTEND THIS CLUB PAPI EVENT?”] ANSWER: If you have a USA Passport or Border Crossing Card we recommend that you park in one of the lots on the USA side and walk into Mexico. Once you are through passport control and into Mexico walk to the waiting taxi stand at the exit and grab a taxi for $5 USD and instruct the driver to take you the 3 minute trip over the bridge to CLUB FUSION/EXTASIS @ THE BORDER!!

We have heard different instances where people without a passport have been sent to secondary screening to enter Mexico and in some cases not allowed in at all.

If you do not have a Valid Passport, then we recommend that you drive into Mexico and park near the club at the on street parking or lot across from the club. Driving into Mexico they do not ask to see a passport for entry.

On re-entering the USA, the government advises you to have a passport for re-entry. We have not heard of any US Citizen being denied entry into the USA presenting a valid government issued ID like Drivers license or ID card. In some unfortunate situations where US citizens have lost there wallet or ID’s in Tijuana and have still been allowed back in the club. At the end of the day, it is totally YOUR decision on whether you would like to attend the party without a passport or border crossing card. [/accordion]

[accordion title=”QUESTION # 5: SHOULD I BRING MY CELL PHONE, WALLET AND OTHER VALUBLES TO THIS EVENT?”] ANSWER: We advise that you leave your cell phone back in your car at the border if you are parking there. Customers have been known to lose their cell phones while enjoying the dark rooms or private buddy booths, so it is best to keep all valuables safely in your vehicle for your return to USA. We do not suggest bringing Bulky or large wallets into the club, as again, these items tend to get lost as customers are enjoying the amenities the venue has to offer.[/accordion]

[accordion title=”QUESTION # 6: CAN I TAKE PICTURES AT THE EVENT OF THE SHOW OR OF THE DANCERS?”] ANSWER: NO PICTURES are allowed to be taken at the club. Leave your Camera’s at home and do not under any circumstances take pictures of the shows or dancers at this event. Since this party is unlike any other party you will attend, we do not allow photographs to be taken. If we catch you taking pictures of the show, your device will be confiscated by the club and will not be returned until all photo’s are deleted.

We make several announcements throughout the night about this policy and will STOP the shows if customers are not adhering to the policy. PLEASE CUM HAVE FUN, AND LEAVE THE CAMERA’S AT HOME!![/accordion] [/accordions]